Blah, blah, blah, privileged white woman says she doesn’t need feminism and that it’s kinda aggressive and scary and that we should all, just, be cool with each other, blah, blah, blah.

I don’t want to be labelled a feminist because deep down I believe it’s out dated, aggressive and all about “the fight” - the fight for equal rights, the fight for the vote, the fight for freedom. I acknowledge all the work done by our predecessors and for what they have achieved. I am of course, thankful. I am now one of many women who have their own business, can vote and freely express an opinion. Historically there was a lot to fight for, by why now in 2012 do women in the West still feel the need to fight for the things we want? [More here: huffingtonpost]

Comment I left on the piece (reply to another critical reader): That is exactly how I read it as well. Women, know your place. Also, just be nice and ladylike and non-threatening and for pity’s sake, think of the poor menz. (Anne, citing the netmums survey is sloppy at best - a quick google search would give you hundreds of sources which accurately critique the methodology and findings of that “study”.)