• Can you explain about this please

    • I thought the picture pretty much speaks for itself but perhaps not. The person holding the picture is saying that she needs feminism because she was accused of lying about her rape, and her “friend” even assisted in her rape, and feminism challenges those misogynistic trends. (The “whoneedsfeminism” tumblr and project is a response to the constant anti-feminist argument that feminism is redundant.)

      Does that help?

      • Okay – I wasn’t aware of the ‘Who needs feminism’ stuff. Thanks

        • Ah, yes, of course. I think the tumblr is linked from my post. It’s worth checking out.

        • I did. My reservations were this isn’t just a feminist issue – it’s also about human rights, crime and, security. Violence is sanctioned in our culture and it will take a massive change to stop all its manifestations. Although I consider myself as a feminist and promote and support these values and do my best to educate people of the value of the feminist critique – it seems more is needed here. Rapists won’t desist unless stronger measures are introduced, and they certainly won’t read feminism – I’m not saying I know all the answers, but somehow expecting feminism to solve this seems unrealistic. I agree that feminism can help folk understand the misogyny at the core of our society,and maybe show her so-called friends what they have done is wrong, but it’s not going to convince men who use sexual violence not to target and oppress women.
          Also I feel awkward ‘liking’ such a heavy picture and uncomfortable commenting on an event that I know nothing about other than this picture.
          Hope that makes sense.

        • Have to say that I agree with lowerarchy, it is more than a feminism issue.
          It’s an excellent picture though, really moving and action-provoking (if you know what I mean). So sad how these things can happen.

        • Thanks for that – I was worried, but felt I had to explain.

        • I thought it an excellent picture too. And I dare say it happens more often than we know.

        • Yes sadly so, there are far too many unreported rapes/crimes – many because it’s family members or friends/people you know who are the perpetrators

        • I’m not sure I follow. Yes, it is MORE than a feminist issue but it is STILL a feminist issue. One of the core aims of feminism is to break down the patriarchal culture that dictates that rape is, frankly,. acceptable and to be expected, and most feminists (inc. myself) argue that everything else (criminal justice, medical community etc.) cannot start to change how we handle rape until that rape culture is dismantled.

          Re. liking the picture: no, there is little other context but the idea of whoneedsfeminism (as I understand it) is to provide that snapshot of all that is wrong and to make the personal the political.

        • I said this picture raised concerns that were not JUST feminist issues as I think all of society is affected. I agree feminism is a crucial critical position from which to understand this, but other discourses are useful as well.
          Part of the difficulty with the image under discussion is that it is not clear if it is a political utterance or describes an actual crime. I cannot see how we can know this. Therefore how can we know how to respond?
          With regard to “Rape Culture” – what does this phrase mean?
          While I agree some erroneously consider women’s dress or behaviour as contributing to the crime, surely most people do not.
          Violence of all forms is endemic in our society and it’s clear that women and children often bear the brunt of this. However all people are at risk from the various forms of violence, and the law is underpinned by the treat of violence or actual violence.
          Shouldn’t we be discussing “Violence Culture”?

        • I think we’re saying the same thing – for you it’s not just a feminist issue, as far as I can tell, and for me it is not, either but it is fundamentally a feminist issue.

          I think we need to be careful that we don’t wander into the “I don’t believe her” territory in questioning whether or not what is described in the picture actually happened – I have no doubt that it did (and it goes without saying that it was rape).

          Rape culture refers to the culture in which rape is accepted, and even encouraged, by the patriarchal view of women being purely sexual beings, media representations and glamorisations of sexual violence, pornography, the criminal justice system’s treatment of rape, the minimisation of rape as a crime and as an act (see also the post I made about the “sexual relationship” between a 20 year old and a seven year old), victim-blaming, the disbelieving of victims, the argument that there are such things as legitimate and non-legitimate rape, etc. etc. etc. Here are more detailed explanations: wiki and yesmeansyes.

          Finally, rape culture is very different to violence culture – the former is almost exclusively focused on women and is concerned with the ways in which rape is prevalent, normalised, and used in no small part to control women’s lives and bodies.