I’m way, way, way late in posting this but not to worry. (And it seems poignant now anyway after the news this week that a woman died in Ireland because she was refused an abortion. We have come only some distance in women’s rights.)

The long road to equality The Irish Times by Mary Robinson



Their struggle is our struggle: Women’s empowerment will progress only through their involvement in political processes and in shaping constitutions that guarantee the equal rights of all citizens

Women’s work The Irish Times by Caitriona Clear Women often wielded authority at home 100 years ago, but as public figures in professions such as teaching and nursing they were becoming much more common In 1905, Mary Ann Kelly persuaded her adoring husband to sell his Kilkenny farm and buy her a drapery shop in Rathangan, Co Kildare. She was not unusual in her aspiration. The number of women drapers in their own right (not the wives of male drapers) rose by 40 per cent between 1891 and 1911.

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