Someone insisted to a student of mine recently that she must have got my title wrong because women are not “called Doctor” ever. “They’re just not,” apparently.

When I was a young lecturer a knock came at my office door. “Oh,” he said as I opened it. “So sorry. I was looking for Dr Reynolds.”

This is a story from the old days but things have not changed that much. I think of one eminent woman friend whose writing was criticised for “a streak of vulgarity”. Or the colleague serving on a selection committee where a man expressed surprise at her support for another woman because she was “so much better looking”.

Women’s under-representation in almost all spheres of public life was the prompt for a British Academy debate last week at The Culture Capital Exchange’s Inside Out festival: “Where are all the women?” Speakers included women working in film, business, nursing and the police, as well as two representatives from higher education, traditionally a place where women seem assured of a presence.

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