Well ain't that the truth?

Yes, it is.

For it is a lamentable idiosyncrasy of feminism that, unlike other rights movements – the campaigns against prejudice based on race, class, or sexuality – its beneficiaries take their emancipation and run. Many women will not even countenance the F-word, being prepared to concede only: "I wouldn't say I'm a feminist, but…" But what? That I like being paid an equal wage, having the right not to get raped in marriage?

What the hell is that about?! Women who deny the importance of feminism, who openly abhor it as a movement, are happy to (nay, demand to) benefit from equal pay, the right to own property, the right to justice for domestic violence and rape, access to birth control and abortion, and the right to wear what they want and speak to whom they please. But feminism!? No. Feminists are just a bunch of hairy-arsed lesbians who are too angry to hold down a day job or a proper boy-girl relationship. Feminism is, it seems, irrelevant to so many.

Grow up, women! Feminism brought you all of the above, and continues to fight to maintain it and to bring you more. If you want to live in a world without feminism, go back 200 years where you were owned by your husband, chained to the sink (and the bed), disallowed a say in any Important Matters, and allowed to speak only when spoken to. If you really think that feminism is irrelevant to your life, live a week in 1790 and see how you get on. Alternatively, lift your prejudice, open your eyes, and applaud feminism for what it has given you instead of slapping it in the face.

  • Emm

    I have also been thinking about this lately. Hey! I’m attending a feminist conference in London in October. If there were any way of you coming down, I’d be happy to cart you around and have you sleep over by us!

    • Oh, that sounds exciting. Could you send me the details of the conference?

      • Emm

        I’ve sent you a Facebook invite sweets.

  • This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I find it hard to understand how women, in this day and age, are still happy to play the submissive, typical 50s woman role.

    • Vanessa, me too! Even when I was young and growing up in a country where gender roles were still very traditional (though they were not in my home), I couldn’t get why anyone would want to be in the role you mention. Feminism has opened up the whole world for women; use it.

      That said, it is of course up to women themselves how they want to live and what role they want to play, but I could think of nothing worse.