The world’s first antifeminism gathering is taking place in a secret location in Switzerland

In a written statement prepared for Saturday’s meeting, Andersson has drawn up five key beliefs of antifeminists: “opposing the feminist hatred of men, valuing the nuclear family, believing in the child’s rights to both its parents after a divorce or a separation, looking at the individual and not judging people by their gender, and accepting that men and women are different and counting that as assets”.

I don’t need to go into detail on what I actually think of of this event, I’m sure. For now, I’ll draw your attention to the above excerpt. These are the five key beliefs of the movement. Straight away, they’ve contradicted themselves:

  • Do not make judgements based on gender (so far so good)
  • Men and women are different (but we’re not making assumptions based on gender, I thought?)

Nuff said.