The movement that was a fad (feminism)


What is the legacy of feminism? Undoubtedly, our American society as well as much of the world have become aware of many things with perhaps the most important something being about male/female relationships. Another part of this legacy is an irony. The irony is that the very things which feminists reviled in men’s behavior have become the legacy of feminism’s liberation among girls and young women. Crassness, crudeness and callousness in speech and relationships with and towards boys and men and girls (witness the mean girl culture) are touted as badges of liberation.

This is misinformed. Feminism is not a fad. Feminism has been a movement for 500 years in various forms. Hardly a fad! Of course the god-botherers do not approve of it because it calls into question their own sexism, but a fad it is not.