Abusive Men Overestimate the Rate at Which Other Men Abuse: The Curvature

A new study has been released on the views held by men who have been known to commit intimate partner violence (IPV). While the full study is behind a pay wall, what the abstract and this report on the study (note: the accompanying image at the article may be triggering) tell us is incredibly interesting:

The research looked at 124 men who were enrolled in a larger treatment intervention study for domestic violence. The men, all of whom had participated in violence against a partner in the previous 90 days, were asked to estimate the percentage of men who had ever engaged in seven forms of abuse.

These included throwing something at a partner that could hurt; pushing, grabbing, or shoving a partner; slapping or hitting; choking; beating up a partner; threatening a partner with a gun; and forcing a partner have sex when they did not want to.

In every case the men vastly overestimated the actual instances of abuse. For example, the participants on average thought 27.6 percent of men had thrown something with the intent of hurting a partner while the actual number is 11.9 percent. Similarly, they believed 23.6 percent of men had forced their partner to have sex involuntary compared to 7.9 percent in reality. (via thecurvature)